How To Teach Your New Puppy To Sit.

How To Teach Your New Puppy To Sit.

I teach my puppies to ‘sit’ right away at 8 weeks old, easily and quickly, with a proven system that rewards the puppy for doing what comes natural.

Let me show you the 5 components of teaching a puppy to sit, so you can see how it works.

Teaching your new puppy to ‘sit’ – Component 1;
Set yourself up for success by having a pocketful of tasty treats ready to use as puppy rewards.

Do your training before a meal so puppy is hungry for food.

Teaching your new puppy to ‘sit’ – Component 2:
Get your puppy’s attention with a treat in your hand.

Say your puppy’s name and say ‘sit’. For example “Spot, sit”

*At the same time you say “Spot, sit”, raise your treat hand, above your puppy’s head and slightly push it towards the puppy’s back, away from yourself.

Teaching your new puppy to ‘sit’ – Component 3:
By doing this hand movement, it sends your puppy’s head up to follow the treat that’s in your hand and it automatically sends puppy’s little butt down to the ground into a perfect sit.

Reward the puppy immediately with the treat you have in your hand, saying praise like, “Good sit, Spot, good sit!” in a pleasant, moderate voice.

Teaching your new puppy to ‘sit’ – Component 4:
A couple of seconds after you have given puppy her treat; release her by saying “OK!” Standing up straight and raising your hands up in a gesture helps the puppy to recognize the ‘release’ command.

Repeat this procedure at least 5 times. Make the puppy hold the sit only a second or two at first. You can lengthen the time puppy holds her sit later, after she knows what the ‘sit’ command means.

Teaching your new puppy to ‘sit’ – Component 5:
This training technique should be repeated at least three times during the day.

Practice time is ideally right before meals, so the puppy is hungry.

When your puppy will sit 100% for treats, you can then start to faze them out little by little.

Sue Lee Ringwelski