Be Consistent.

Remember…be consistent!

Hi There!

This puppy tip has to do with consistency…on our part.

This is a reminder that we need to be consistent when we are training and raising our young puppies and dogs. We are the ones who set the household rules down and we are the ones who are ultimately in charge of teaching what those rules are. To really teach the ‘rules’, whether it is a human child or a new puppy or an older dog, we need to be consistent in our lessons.

It doesn’t work well to have a dog ‘sit’ to go out the door sometimes and then let him crash through the door at other times. The dog will get confused and eventually make a mistake. When that mistake is made, it is going to be the hardest on us as we are searching for the puppy, cleaning up the mess or whatever. If we are truly consistent with our training schedule, with what we say and how we say it…we WILL end up with a dog who is a joy to be around and who fits into our lifestyle and family.

Keep training, for the fun of it!

Train for hide and seek.

Train to track items of clothing or people.

Train for tricks that your pup can do for treats.

While you are training for the fun things that you and your puppy enjoy doing together…remember to be consistent, but also go ahead and intermix the basics, like sits and stays, with the fun stuff. It will be much easier for your pup to learn and you will all have much more fun as time goes on.

Have a great week!
Get out for a dog-walk today!

Take care,
Sue Lee