Doorway etiquette for puppies.

Doorway etiquette for puppies.


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Today’s tip has to do with your every day life with your puppy.
It is a reminder about door etiquette for puppies and dogs.

Your puppy has to go out to potty.

You and puppy go out for a walk.

The kids come home.

Someone comes to visit.

These are all instances where you will open the door to your house and most of the time your puppy will be right there beside you or will be going out the door with you. Do you go out the door first? Or…does your puppy charge out the door happily, bounding and running for joy that he’s going for a walk or getting let out to do his business?

A good thing to do for yourself and your puppy, is to train your puppy to ASK to go out the door and to wait for permission to actually GO out the door. Start a puppy out young with having him sit calmly until you give him the OK to walk through the door and you will save yourself many headaches and chase scenarios. You may even save your pups life, if you live near a road.

Train your puppy to sit by the door to go out and to sit to come into the house again. By training for this your puppy is much less likely to bolt out the door into traffic or jump on visitors when they come to the door. This is also an excellent way to maintain pack leader status; if you ALWAYS go through the door first. (Whoever goes through the door first is leading the pack)

If your puppy gets very excited about going for his walk or going outside, you may also want to wait until he calms down to give him the release to go out. If you foster a calm sit every time he goes out, he will learn to control himself better in situations that are exciting and/or stressful.

You can use the “sit” for an “ASK” for just about anything with your puppy. Some people only pet their dog if they sit first. If you choose to train your dog to sit before you pet him you will never have him jumping up on you for attention. The key to this working though, is to NEVER pet your puppy unless he IS sitting. Being consistent with this training now, when he is a puppy, will have HUGE rewards when he is older and he automatically sits next to you when he comes to your side.

Keep practicing…take five or fifteen minutes a day to train and you will see big changes in your pups behaviors.

Take care,
Sue Lee