Puppy in Your Stuff?

Is That New Puppy “In Your stuff?”

Hi there!

I applaud you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about raising your new puppy. There are so many people out there who just give up without ever finding what they need to really have a great relationship with their new puppy or dog.
By asking for this information you have set yourself apart from the majority of puppy owners…and that is the first BIG step to having what most dog owners want…a canine companion that is a JOY to have around!

I mentioned that I would provide you with some great tips on raising a puppy, so here’s your first tip:


Move your stuff…everything you want to ‘keep’.

Before getting a new young puppy or now if you’ve already adopted yours…you will need to ‘puppy proof’ your home. That means taking a little extra time to move things up and away out of the puppy’s reach. Just like a human baby, a young puppy will ‘get into’ anything within its reach.

Puppies learn about their environment through their mouths. Anything and everything will go in the new puppy’s mouth. They chew and mouth something to feel how hard or soft it is, how it tastes, does it make noise, etc., etc.

If you have books, electric cords, shoes, plants, any items that you want to keep, you will have to move them to new heights or store them away for a bit. Until your new puppy gets a handle on some basic commands you will want to keep valuables in a safe and secure place.

Part of not getting frustrated with a new puppy has to do with our own expectations as to what the puppy can understand. The truth is, puppies have a very limited understanding of what we expect of them, until we actually show them what we DO want from them.

After your new puppy has an idea of some basic commands…and that won’t take too long…you can begin to bring some items back into your living environment. Of course you will still need to watch your puppy when she’s free in the house, but with a meaningful ‘uh, uh!’ or a ‘no!’, and a little redirection, you will be in control in no time.


I hope this tip helps you on your way to having the relationship you dream about having with your new puppy.

Take care,
Sue Lee