Brilliant K9 Harness

Nessa in her Brilliant K9 Harness

Nessa in her Brilliant K9 Harness

The Brilliant K9 Harness

Do you have a puppy or dog that acts like he’s training to be the next Houdini?
An attempted or an accomplished escape artist?
I do…or…I should say…I DID.

My Nessa would slip the collar or harness she was in when she would see something that she wanted to get away from or if she got very frightened at something. For example : One time when Roger was walking the dogs, the wind blew over a large empty trash container that someone had left on the street. Nessa immediately backed out of her harness and took off in the opposite direction. She came right back to Roger after all the commotion was over but it was very dangerous and scary to have her unleashed and out of his control. For her own safety it is VERY important to keep her on the harness/leash.
Enter…The Brilliant K9 Harness!
We had tried many types of harnesses before hearing about this one. The reports were good about this one being ‘slip proof’ so I thought we would give it a try.
We LOVE this harness!
It is easy on & off. It is ergonomically correct fitting for the dog so it is comfortable for her. AND it is pretty darn ‘slip proof’! Nessa has tried on three different occasions to back out of this harness but has not been able to do it. She stays safely leashed when things look a bit hairy and because of that she is actually getting better at handling those types of situations.

We like this harness so well that we have one for our Odin too.
The harness is well made and can be personalized with your favorite color, fabric patterns and even a name! It is washable and classy looking on the dog. What more could you ask for?
Check it out here: The Brilliant K9 Harness