Karen Pryor Clicker Training


Sue Lee’s Full Review of “Karen Pryor Clicker Training” :

“This Training System Is well designed for the new puppy owner! Start your puppy off right!


Check out this training method for yourself! It has been and still is ‘the cutting edge’ of dog training for the companion, performance or show dog that you are looking for!

Innovative programs for aspiring and experienced trainers.

Karen Pryor is an extraordinary woman and animal trainer who has been involved with training for over 35 years. She has written numerous books on that subject and others involving the animal brain and how it works. Karen worked with dolphins in Hawaii and was on the cutting edge of clicker training being one of the pioneers involved in it’s development. This work came around to helping train dogs, cats, and other animals in a manner that allows them to not only enjoy the training but as you use these methods, you find that the animals WANT to do what you want them to do!

I VERY highly recommend ALL of Karen’s training books, items and videos. You will want to pick and choose which ones are correct for you by how much investigation you have already done in the field of positive training methods such as clicker training. Some of the books, videos and online courses are very basic and others go into more detail for ongoing students. In the early basic courses you will learn about ‘markers’, ‘conditioned reinforces,’ and just what ‘behavior shaping’ is. Every time you train for something with this method you are making it easier for your puppy to understand what it is you want in the next training session. Each lesson reinforces the next. In the more detailed classes and videos you will learn specifics about the type of training or activity that you are wanting to do with your pup.

Get the must-have resource for puppy owners, dog trainers and puppy socialization class instructors.

I’ve used clicker training myself for the training of my own dogs and have found it to be most helpful in teaching the behaviors that I am looking for. Karen Pryor’s training methods fit nicely with my ideas for training and raising good canine citizens. This type of training technique fits right into my own philosophy of puppy training and it compliments my new book ‘Your Puppy’s First Year’ perfectly! If you use the methods she teaches you will have a dog that knows what you want from him and is a willing, happy companion who will work with you to enrich both of your lives.

If you want your dog to be a good canine citizen, I recommend you check out Karen’s training methods! Karen Pryor Clicker Training.

Get the must-have resource for puppy owners, dog trainers and puppy socialization class instructors.