Kong Products

Sue Lee’s Full Review of Kong Products:

Today I though I’d write a review on Kong toys for dogs. I have been using the Kong brand toys for my dogs for many years because they are fun for the dogs and they last for a long time. I’ve had some very heavy chewers in the past and even now one of my young pups can really chew through toys and rawhides. If you leave a strong chewer with a toy, it had better be a good one or you’ll be picking up shreds of it everywhere or worse yet, you might have to take an unplanned trip to the vet.

Kong toys are perfect to use in the crate to keep puppies and dogs busy. They are also fun out in the yard or in the house to play fetch, chase or catch with. A good trick for when you have to crate your dog for a longer period of time is to moisten some dry kibble, stuff it in the toy and then freeze it. When you put your dog in his crate give the frozen Kong to him and he’ll be busy with it for a long time. This will keep your dog busy for quite a while when you are gone and he will be a lot less bored when confined to the crate. I also use *peanut butter*, canned dog food and milk bones to stuff the Kongs with while my pups are in their crates. Also. if you want to buy them, they do sell actual stuffing/stuffers for the Kong toys that you can purchase. I have never used them but I have seen them advertised.

* NOTICE! Some companies are now adding the chemical sweetener Xylitol to their peanut butter products. XYLITOL CAN BE FATAL TO DOGS AND PUPPIES! PLEASE read the ingredients before you feed peanut butter to your pup!

Kong makes quite a few different toys for dogs. Some are just for fetch/catch type of play, and some are interactive toys that are designed to make your dog think and work for a treat…like solving a puzzle. I’ve tried a few with my dogs and they have liked them all so far. The favorites are the regular classic type of Kong that you can fill with treats and give to them. I use a milkbone type treat sometimes, (you’ve got to get just the right size though, so it stays in there for awhile), and peanut butter or softened kibble other times. They even make a filler that you can purchase just for filling the toys! You can check them out at your favorite pet store or you can check them out online.

Depending on how heavy a chewer your dog is, the Kong Company even has different types of the classic type of Kong toys. There are puppy Kongs, senior Kongs for older dogs, the regular Kongs and an ‘extreme’ Kong for real heavy chewers. If you get too soft of Kong your dog will chew through it. I started with puppy Kongs for my pups and they all now have the extreme version. (They had the puppy Kongs chewed up by the time they were 6 month old.) If you only give them the toys when you are present to monitor the play, they will probably last a bit longer because you can then intervene if the chewing gets to heavy.

In the past, if we have given a Kong that is to soft to our dogs, they typically chew off the small end of the toy. I have kept the rest of the Kong as a toy for our most ambitious chewers. I think at one time we had 3 Kongs that had the small end removed by chewing. They still worked fine for a fetch and catch toy, it just made it hard to keep a treat in them. We had to go to a new one for longer term crate stays or for using them with a treat inside.

If you want to purchase a toy that your puppy or dog will enjoy and that will last for more than a day, (or for just a few minutes, as with one of our previous dogs), check into getting one of the Kong brand toys. I highly recommend them. Keep training and Have FUN!

Take your dog for a walk & Have a GREAT day!
Sue Lee