Nylabone Products

Sue Lee’s Full Review of Nylabones:

* IMPORTANT UPDATE! Warning! It has come to my attention that some dogs have been having problems with the non-edible Nylabones. I am still allowing my dogs to chew them and I am still recommending them as a chew…BUT…YOU, as the owner and responsible party for your dogs health and welfare, MUST monitor your dogs activity with chew toys at all times. You must get an appropriate size bone for your dog to chew and you must take it away if it gets chewed down past the knuckle parts of the bone. You do NOT want your dogs to ingest large particles from these bones. They are designed to fray for the dogs tooth health and sliver off in very small pieces only. If your dog is able to break off large pieces of the Nylabones, you will definitely want to find a different option for your dog for chewing.

My dogs LOVE Nylabones!

I have three Decker Rat Terriers and they love to chew so I am always on the look-out for good healthy products for them. I use raw bones on occasion, and the Kong toys and teeth ropes…but for straight out chewing, they love the Nylabones.

The Nylabones come in a lot of different sizes and shapes and in a few different flavors. My dogs mostly use the rings to play with and the bones & shapes to chew on. The bones last a long time and the little ridges that appear as they chew on the bones help to keep the dogs teeth clean.

You may find your dog likes one of the flavors better than another so it is good that there are a few to choose from. I like to switch it up for my dogs. I give them a different flavor every few days. I pick up the old bones and store them for later. They always have something “new” to chew that way. I also mix and match the shapes as well as the flavors.

There are the “chew” type Nylabones and toys, and they also have what they call their “Healthy Edibles.” When you are buying you will want to keep in mind that the “Healthy Edibles” are not meant to last like the “regular” nylon bones but they are still good for your dog’s teeth and happiness. If you are looking for something that will last for awhile you will want to purchase the regular chew bones. If you want a treat type of chew that may last for a little while (depending on your dog and how aggressive a chewer he is) then you are looking to purchase one of the Healthy Edible bones. I like to buy the Edibles in the multi pack because they are usually a bit more economical to buy that way. My dogs LOVE the Healthy Edible bones but they don’t last long at all at my house. My dogs eat them in one sitting in just a few minutes! They serve as a wonderful treat and chew for the teeth in instances where I want to give them something a little more special than their regular treats.

If you are going to buy online you may want to check the sizes out carefully as some of the reviews I’ve seen have mentioned that the bones they ordered were smaller than they thought they would be. Be proactive and check them out first, before you buy. When I find a new chew toy that I want to get for my pups I make a point to look for it at the feed/pet store the next time I go to check price and size out. You really don’t want to get too big of a toy for your dog because he won’t be able to use it, but you don’t want to get too small of one either since there is then the danger of him swallowing it and getting into trouble.

Nylabones are excellent for puppies and dogs. They have a softer type bone for a young puppy and harder ones for the older dogs or the aggressive chewers in your family. Whatever type or age of dog you have, you should be able to find one of the Nylabone products to fit your dogs preferences and personality.

All in all I really like the NylaBones and so do my dogs. ***They are a safe and healthy chewing choice for dogs and pups of all sizes and personalities.
***Please refer to warning above.

Have a wonderful day!
Sue Lee